Robot Lair

This is one of our environments.   I won’t go into the story part of it too much because I want the film to do the job of telling the story, but I will go into the evolution of this room.   It started as a very brightly lit room that was very clean and neat.   Ryan and I sat down and started to work through what this room represented and what emotion we wanted to convey when this was shown in the film.   We took into account the series of shots that came before this and how it would transition and it just didn’t make sense.   So we decided to darken it up a bit, add a bit of rust, dirt, scratches, etc.   Then to clutter it up.   It slowly evolved into Ryan’s masterpiece that you see before you today.  I think it will fit perfectly in the story.   Tell us what you think.   Click on the images for high res.

Here is a test render we did of it in motion.

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